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Worldwide Contacts for Babaji's Kriya Yoga

Introductory lectures, meditations, Kriya Hatha Yoga classes, full weekend intensive initiation seminars and retreats are organized in about three dozen cities around the world with the assistance of local groups of initiates. They are organized every month at Babaji's Kriya Yoga Ashram, in Quebec, Canada. Introductory classes are also offered by many of the following persons on a regular basis. To obtain further information on training in Babaji's Kriya Yoga contact:

Babaji's Kriya Yoga ®
PO Box 90
Eastman, Quebec, Canada
J0E 1P0

1-888-252.9642 within North America or (00)+1-450-297.0258

For e-mail, see one of the contacts listed below:



Isle de la Reunion, France, Indian Ocean: e-mail Thierry Morfin, tel.+26-(0)262.553.526

Johannesburg, South Africa: e-mail Michael Phillips, tel. +27-(0)11.615.3393

Gauteng, South Africa: e-mail Reggy Permaul, tel. +27-(0)413.1010

Port Louis, Mauritius Island: e-mail Ryan Ganod, tel.+23-(0)674.2737
or Poojanand Nemah, tel. +23-(0)617.5431



Australia: e-mail Rohini, tel. +61-(0)4.0136.9743

Bangalore, India: e-mail Vinod "Babaji's Kriya Yoga Order of
Acharyas Trust", Post Box No. 5608 Malleswaram West,
Bangalore 560 055 tel.+91-(0)80.2356.0252
fax. +91-(0)90.2344.4835

Jerusalem, Israel: Michael Ferne, tel. +972-(0)2.639.482

Tokyo, Japan: e-mail Norihiko Otsuki or
J. Tsuchiya, tel. +81-(0)43.7435.3317
Also, the publisher of the book "Babaji and the 18 Siddha
Kriya Yoga Tradition" in Japanese: Neo-Delphi, e-mail K. Hoshina,
tel. +81-(0)3.33.508.438

Osaka, Japan: e-mail Imoto-san (only email in Japanese), tel. +81-(0)727.78.0381

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: e-mail Desmond Yeoh, tel. +60-(0)3.7983.6951

Singapore: e-mail Lakshmanan, tel. +65-(0)9.238.0635



Vienna, Austria: e-mail Willibald Kallinger, tel. +43-(0)1.9545.644

Copenhagen, Denmark: e-mail Adam Wolden-Raething,
tel. +45-(0)3333.0345

Tallin, Estonia: e-mail Ave Oit, tel. +372-(0)5.649.9199
Estonia Ashram website www.lilleoru.ee

Grenoble, France: e-mail Sita

Paris, France: e-mail Rudran, tel. +33-(0)4.5064.0638
Kriya Yoga books and cassettes available in French.

Frankfurt/main, Germany: e-mail Satya, tel. +49-(0)1.63.775.6286
For questions in German

Dublin, Ireland: e-mail Andrée, tel. +35-(0)
Satsang meeting each Sunday 10 am to 12 pm

Milan, Italy: e-mail Arjuna, tel. +39-(0)
website: www.simontacchi.org/yoga.htm

Ekaterinburg, Russia: e-mail Yogeshwar and Uma
tel. +7-(0)343.370.1747

Moscow, Russia: e-mail Sergei Gavrilov, tel. +7-(0)9.6751.4155

A Coruna, Spain: e-mail Aurora Valdes, tel. +34-(0)9.8127.6046

Barcelona, Spain: e-mail Manuel Gallego, tel. +34-(0)6.3777.7090

Bilbao, Spain: e-mail Joseba Idoyaga, tel. +34-(0)9.4466.1643

Valencia, Spain: e-mail Nityananda, tel. +34-(0)9.6332.4686

Zurich, Switzerland: e-mail Dr. Hp. Stähli, tel. +41(0)

Birmingham, UK: e-mail Satprakash tel. +44-(0)

Edinburgh, UK: e-mail Carl Roderick, tel. +44-(0)1620.861907

London, UK: e-mail Ramana, tel. +44-(0)

Wales, UK: e-mail Nirupo


North America

Toronto, ON, Canada: Babaji's Kriya Yoga Center
with regular classes at 89 Aerodrome Crescent, #202, Toronto, M4G 4J4
Contacts: e-mail Vyasa, tel. +1-416-850-1160

Ottawa, ON, Canada: e-mail John Williston, tel. +1-613-565-3810

Montreal, Qc, Canada: Daniel Fournier, tél. +1-450-654-7927

Chicoutimi, QC, Canada: e-mail Rejean Bilodeau, tel. +1-418-547-8691

Mexico City, Mexico: e-mail Adrian Rivera, tel. +52-(0)442.235.0437,

Phoenix, AZ, US: e-mail Shantiananda, tel. +1-480-838-4075
website: www.azkriyayoga.com

Fullerton, CA, US: contact Robert Newman, tel. +1-714-540-6436

Los Angeles, CA, US: e-mail Michelle Cole, tel. +1-310-670-6631

Mt. Shasta, CA, US: e-mail Carol Kraus, tel. +1-530-918-9176

San Francisco, CA, US: e-mail Rudra Shivananda, tel. +1-510-475-6259

Washington, D.C, US: e-mail Tom Evans, tel. +1-202-879-5272

Fort Lauderdale, FL, US: e-mail Joan Valinsky, tel +1-954-475-1959
or e-mail Jay Valinsky, tel. +1-954-423-9626

Tampa, FL, US: e-mail Alfredo Escobar, tel. +1-941-795-5493

Atlanta, GA, US: e-mail Ananda, tel. +1-404-626-7800

Providence, RI, US: e-mail Sherry Ryan, tel. +1-401-751-2050

Detroit, MI, US: e-mail Sheree Johnson

St. Louis, MO, US: Paul Janeczek, tel. +1-314-968-3131

Atlantic City, NJ, US: e-mail Jackie Andrews, tel. +1-609-487-0403

New York, NY, US: e-mail Michael Collins, tel. +1-516-379-6128

Philadelphia, PA, US: e-mail Vernon Young, tel. +1-610-213-6766

Austin, TX, US: e-mail Tapan Bhargave, tel. +1-512-346-6388

Cleveland, OH, US: e-mail Didier Allexandre, tel. +1-216-795-3176


Arabian Peninsula

Qatar: e-mail Vimala Prakash, tel. +974-(0)4.412303



Victoria, Australia: e-mail Rohini, tel. +61-(0)401.369.743 or +61-(0)353.483.690,
Kriya Yoga Books and DVD available


South America

Sao Paulo, Brazil: e-mail Saraswati Karuna Devi,
tel. +55-(0)11.3871.5955
or e-mail Sharana Devi, tel.+55-(0)11.3812.1313

Concepion, Chile: e-mail Alan Coles, tel. +56-(0)41.730.113

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