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with M. Govindan Satchidananda and Durga Ahlund

Weekend intensive at the Kriya Yoga Ashram, St. Etienne de Bolton, Quebec, Canada. One hour east of Montreal. Suggested contribution: $290 including lodging and meals. Initiates may attend and pay room & board only. February 8-10; April 18-20; June 6-8; September 12-14; November 14-16, 2008


with M. Govindan Satchidananda and Durga Ahlund

Weekend intensive at the Babaji's Kriya Yoga Center, Orlando, Florida. LOCAL HOTELS and TRANSPORTATION. The Kriya Yoga Center is only a few minutes away from several hotels, which have shuttle service from Orlando International Airport about 45 minutes away. Upon receipt of your registration for the Kriya Yoga Initiation seminar we will send to you a list of these hotels, their address, phone and room tarrifs. Suggested contribution: $275. May 16-18, 2008

Initiation into Kriya Yoga

(Initiates may attend the 1st level seminar again free of charge) Initiation seminar Saturday and Sunday preceded by an introductory conference and meditation on Friday evening.

With M. Govindan Satchidananda
(Download pdf enrollment form)

Paris, France: Apr 4-6, 2008 e-mail Rudran, tel. +33-(0)
Boulder, CO: Apr 25-27, 2008 e-mail Ed, tel. +1-303-440.0671
Bern, Switzerland: May 12-15, 2008, e-mail Dr. Hp. Stähli , tel. +41-(0)
Zürich, Switzerland: May 16-18, 2008 e-mail Dr. Hp. Stähli, tel. +41-(0)
Paris, France: Oct 31-Nov 2, 2008 e-mail Rudran, tel. +33-(0)
Annecy, France: Nov 3-6, 2008 e-mail Rudran, tel. +33-(0)
Tokyo, Japan: Nov 21-23, 2008 e-mail Imoto-san, tel. +81-(0)727.78.0381

With Rudra Shivananda
e-mail Rudra, tel. +1-510-475.6259
in North California

Union City, CA: April 11-13
Marin, CA: June 6-8
Santa Cruz, CA: June 13-15
Singapore: October 31-November 1, e-mail Lakshmanan, tel. +65-(0)9.238.0635
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: November 4-6, e-mail Desmond Yeoh, tel. +60-(0)3.7983.6951

Initiate meetings & Public lectures in Union City: Feb 14, Apr 17, June 19, Aug 14, Oct 16 & Dec 18

With Ananda
e-mail Ananda, tel.+1-404-626.7800
in Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Ashville, Tennesse & Jacksonville

Initiate meetings & Public lectures:

With Durga
in Quebec

For more information email Durga

With Shantiananda
e-mail Shantiananda, tel. +1-480-838.4075
or visit www.azkriyayoga.com
in Phoenix, AZ

Satsang in Tempe being held the last Saturday of every month: 6pm to 7:30pm

Introductory lectures: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

New York, NY: March 14-16, Dorathea, tel: +1-212-587.3518

Mexico: June 20-22, Alida de Villers, tel: +56605442 or Ruben Lopez Ahumada,

With Rohini
e-mail rohini@babaji.ca, tel. +61-(0)401.369.743 or +61-(0)353.483.690
in Australia and New Zealand

Melbourne, Elwood, VIC: March 29-30
Sydney, Newtown, NSW: April 5-6
Byron Bay, NSW: May

A free introductory talk in preceding month

Free Monthly Lecture and Quarterly Initiate Meeting in Daylesford, Victoria, AU

With Sharana Devi
e-mail Sharana Devi, tel.+55-(0)113.812.1313
in Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil: February 22-24; April 11-13; October 24-26
Porto Alegre, Brazil: May 16-18
Vitória, Brazil: August 22-24

With Saraswati Karuna Devi
e-mail Saraswati, tel. +55-(0)113.813.4967
in Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil: Mar 21-23, May 24-26, Aug 22-24, Oct 17-19 & Dec 5-7

With Arjuna
e-mail Arjuna, tel. +39-(0)335.523.9459 or visit www.simontacchi.org/yoga.htm
in Italy

With Nityananda
e-mail Nityananda, tel. +34-(0)96.332.4686
in Valencia, Spain

Visit the web www.kriyayogadebabaji.net for more information about activities in Spain.

Valencia: February
Madrid: March

With Ramana
e-mail Ramana, tel. +44-(0)
in London & Birmingham, UK

Edinburgh: March 1-2
London: March 7-8
Birmingham: April 5-6

With Satyananda
Babaji's Kriya Yoga Deutschland: e-mail info@babaji.de tel.+49-(0)163.775.6286
initiation series in various towns of german-speaking countries, in quarters

Dowload german enrollment form Application Form

Murnau near Munich: April 25-27, e-mail Iris tel.+49-(0)173.673.5308
Kapellenhof near Frankfurt/Main: May 21-25, e-mail Satyananda, retreat with accomodation
Austria: September, e-mail Gopal
Denmark: Fall 2008, e-mail Carl
South Africa: Fall 2008, e-mail Michael
Holland: Fall 2008, e-mail Satyananda

Gulf Region
Doha, Qatar: April 3-5, 2008
Dubai, UAE: April 10-13, 2008
Bahrain: April 17-19, 2008

Delhi: Oct 31-Nov 2, e-mail Tarun
Mumbai: November 7-9, e-mail Anjani or Arvind
Vizag: November 14-16
Bangalore: November 21-23, e-mail Vinod
CBE: November 28-30, e-mail Vinod
Chennai: December 5-7, e-mail Anandan
Colombo: December 12-14, e-mail Anantharavi
Chennai: February 6-8, 2009, e-mail Anandan
Bangalore: February 13-15, e-mail Vinod
Mumbai: February 20-22, e-mail Anjani or Arvind

With Nandi Devar
Babaji's Kriya Yoga Deutschland: e-mail nandidevar@babaji.de, tel.+49-(0)175.594.5736
initiation series in various towns of german-speaking countries, in quarters

Dowload german enrollment form Application Form

Hungry: April 11-13 at Mandala Gerincjoga Kozpont, Budapest, VII. ker., Nefelejcs u. 58.
Contact: Berta Jagicza, studio@mandalajoga.hu, phone #: 0630 202 8922
Berlin, Germany: August 29-31, e-mail nils@sotantar.com, tel: +49-(0)304.404.4185
Dusseldorf, Germany: October 17-19, e-mail nandidevar@babaji.de, tel.+49-(0)175.594.5736

Yoga Festival Berlin - Congress, Nils / Sotantar Yoga-Shop e-mail nils@sotantar.com, tel: +49-(0)304.404.4185

With Vyasa
e-mail Vyasa, tel. 1-416-850.1160
in Toronto

Satsang are held the third Sunday of each month at 5pm

Toronto: March 15-16
Calgary, Alberta: April 26-27, at Yoga Gateway 2009 - 33rd Avenue S.W. Marda Loop, Calgary. Contact Lorae Marsten tel.: 403-375- 0639.
Barrie, Ontario: April 19-20, at Yoga Room, 44 Dunlop St. East Barrie. Contact Ganga Auer tel.: 705-792-5960

With Ishwarananda
e-mail Ishwarananda, or visit www.lilleoru.ee, tel. +37-(0)
in Estonia

Helsinki, Finland: April 18-20, 2008
Lillerou, Estonia: May 2-4; November 8-9, 2008

With Dayananda
e-mail Dayananda, tel. 1-450-654.7927
in Repentigny

Quebec: 2008
Rimouski: 2008
Rivière du Loup: March 2008
Martinique: April 4-6, 2008 e-mail Cyril, tel. +59-(0)


Satsang "meditation meeting"

Prerequisite: First Level Initiation

With Dayananda
e-mail Dayananda, tel. +1-450-654.7927
in Repentigny

Chants, meditation, lecture on Patanjali & Initiate Meeting:
Each Tuesday evening at 19h30, 799 Blvd L`Assomption, Repentigny

Take autoroute 40 E
Take exit Industrielle / Valmont
Take ramp to Industriel
Turn left on industriel
Turn right on Boulevard l'assomption
End at 799 Boulevard l'Assomption à Repentigny


With Murielle
e-mail Paule
in Paris

Initiate Monthly Meeting in Paris:
Postures, breathings, meditations, chants and lectures on Patanjali.
Dates : March 15, April 5, June 14 at 2 p.m.

Please confirm your place to Paule at or by e-mail Paule.


With Andrée Harpur
e-mail Andrée, tel. +35-(0)
in Dublin

Initiate Meeting:
Each Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


With Dr. Hp. Stähli
e-mail Dr. Hp. Stähli , tel. +41-(0)
in Zürich

Initiate Meeting:
Sunday February 24, March 16 & April 20

We would be happy, if joining us. City: Frauenfeld, near Zuerich. Please mail to hanspeter@hanspeterstaehli.ch, that I can inform you, where exactly it will take place.



Second Level Initiation and Weekend Retreats

Prerequisite: First Level Initiation

With M. Govindan Satchidananda
e-mail Quebec Ashram, tel. 1-888-252.9642 or +1-450-297.0258

Quebec Ashram: February 22-24; June 20-22 & October 24-26, 2008
Spain: May 2-4, 2008 e-mail Nityananda
Frankfort: May 9-11, 2008 e-mail Prem, tel. +49-(0)
Boulder, CO: June 27-29, 2008 e-mail Ed, tel. +1-303-440.0671
Annecy, France: Nov 7-8, 2008 e-mail Rudran, tel. +33-(0)

With Rudra Shivananda
e-mail Rudra, tel. +1-510-489.2966

Mumbai, India: February 22-24, 2008 e-mail Anjani or email Arvind
Birmingham, UK: May 9-11, 2008 e-mail Ramana, tel. +44-(0)
Union City, CA: July 11-13
Brazil: December 5-7, 2008 e-mail Sharana Devi



Advanced Training
Third Level

with M. Govindan Satchidananda
e-mail, tel. 1-888-252.9642 or +1-450-297.0258

Redlands, California: May 23-30, 2008 e-mail Armound
Quebec Ashram: July 18-27, 2008
Near Bangalore: January 1-9, 2009 e-mail Vinod

With Rudra Shivananda
e-mail Rudra, tel. +1-510-489.2966

Estonia: September 19-27, 2008 e-mail Ishwarananda, tel. +37-(0)
Birmingham, UK: November 14-22, 2008 e-mail Ramana, tel. +44-(0)
Brazil: December 7-14, 2008 e-mail Sharana Devi



Domaine Château Bellevue, Dole near Dijon, France: May 16-18 2008, with Satyananda, email Sita (Download pdf program)


Kriya Hatha Yoga
Teacher Training Course

Quebec Ashram
e-mail Durga

(Download pdf enrollment form)

Quebec Ashram, Canada: July 2-13, 2008


Pilgrimage to India

With MG Satchidananda and Durga

Himalaya: Sept 19 - Oct 7, 2008 e-mail Satchidananda (Download pdf program)

South India: January 2-19, 2009 e-mail Satchidananda (Download pdf program)

For information on any of the above: e-mail or call 1-888-252.9642 inside North America or from outside North America call us at:
(00)+1-450-297.0258; fax (00)+1-450-297.3957

or write to us at:

Babaji's Kriya Yoga ®
PO Box 90
Eastman, QC, Canada
J0E 1P0

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